Pitlochry in Bloom

The Pitlochry in Bloom organisation is a very pro-active group, with a committee of 12, assisted by many "Friends" & helpers who tend to all the feature beds in Pitlochry on a weekly basis through the Summer and Autumn.

Pitlochry in Bloom also assist and are helped by the many community groups in town, set up in 1993 under the umbrella of the "Take a Pride in Perthshire" campaign. The campaign was initiated to encourage local communities to take responsibility for improving and caring for their local environment, natural, build and cultural.

With sponsorship from local businesses and their fund raising events they are able to put on a magnificent floral show through the year. They have worked hard over the last 16 years to maintain all the floral features in town and introduce new sustainable ones. They continue to work to improve our environmental quality for locals and visitors.

Pitlochry in Bloom always try to involve as many local people as possible in the campaign, even those who cannot get out to garden. They are extremely grateful for all the support, encouragement and sponsorship they receive from the local community. Do a little, change a lot!

Working closely with community groups and businesses to enhance the Victorian Heritage of the town, Pitlochry in Bloom has chosen the theme of Victorian wrought iron work and commissioned sculptured figures to complement the environment.

Long-term sustainability with low maintenance feature beds, the bio-diversity of the Wildlife Garden, the Petit Jardin, the "Gardens for Life" entry in Gardening Scotland 2001, and now the Armoury Park, opened in 2002, continue the work begun 15 years ago. Pitlochry in Bloom has now won over 50 awards since 1993, click here to see the awards page for all the details of our many achievements.

"Pitlochry in Bloom will continue to focus on sustainable improvements to complement the natural and built environment. Community, and in particular, youth participation will ensure Pitlochry remains a clean & green Highland town". The community spirit generated in the town has been effectively harnessed by Pitlochry in Bloom and has resulted in People, Plants & Pride working together for the benefit of the community.

Click here to download the Pitlochry in Bloom Local Roots map.