Pitlochry Nature & Wildlife
Enjoy Nature & Wildlife around the Pitlochry area... it's all here in Highland Perthshire!

Pitlochry Dam Visitors Centre

Visitors will learn all about Scotland’s fascinating hydro history & heritage as well as how SSE harnesses the power of nature in a positive way.
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The "Speckled Mountain" offers a wide variety of flora & fauna to explore and beautiful vistas to enjoy.
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Big Tree Country

Highland Perthshire is the heart of Perthshire Big Tree Country
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The Mighty Atlantic Salmon!

One of Scotland's most treasured natural resources, a magnificent sight to behold.
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Powerful Osprey

Tortured by hunters & collectors during the Victorian era, thankfully Ospreys are once more gracing the skies above Highland Perthshire!
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Red Deer & Roe Deer

Our largest native land mammal & our beautiful flighty Bambi, both amazing to watch!
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Highland Perthshire - Red Squirrel Paradise

Red Squirrels are thriving in our Woodlands here in Highland Perthshire, but they still need our help to protect them from the Greys!
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Raptors, Naturally Scottish

An enlightening publication about Raptors, Birds of Prey, by Scottish Natural Heritage. What will you see in the skies above Highland Perthshire?
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Tummel Shingle Island Nature Reserve

Scottish Wildlife Trust's wildlife reserve at Tummel Shingle Island is one of the rarest habitats to be found in the United Kingdom: freshwater shingle.,
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Balnaguard Glen Nature Reserve

Scottish Wildlife Trust's wildlife reserve, wonderful juniper woodland on the slopes of the Perthshire hills, with spectacular views across the valley.

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