South Side Loch Tummel

The quieter south side of Loch Tummel (along to road to Foss) has a good number of places to stop and admire the pleasing vistas and listen to the woodland birds singing.

Loch Tummel offers a breathtakingly beautiful wooded landscape with a shinning loch in the centre. Along the way you will come across some loch-side farms, a few small settlements and an attractive church within an ancient graveyard at Foss. The rich woodlands surrounding Loch Tummel are constantly changing colour throughout the seasons so whenever you go you won't be disappointed with beautiful, peaceful Loch Tummel. Lapping waves along the shores of the loch, songbirds in woods and the wind whirling through the trees all add to the magic.

Loch Tummel has been designated a National Scenic Area (NSA), as it has an unrivalled range of habitats and species. View the native flora and fauna of Highland Perthshire at it's best, there are plenty of resident animals and birds here to discover!

Here's a small selection of what you may see on your journey... Red Squirrels, Deer, Salmon, Trout, Wild Geese, Swans, Birds of Prey (such as Osprey, Buzzards, Eagles are high above), and Wood Warblers (tweeting in the trees).