Today started warm and sunny, filled with peaceful birdsong and a gentle breeze stirring the white blossom of the bird cherry trees. Then the fun and games started.

Two intruder ospreys (possibly a pair) attempted to land on the nest before being seen off several times by LM12. One of the birds was fitted with a Satellite Tracker and had a blue and white ring. We are fortunate to have photographs of this bird from generous photographers  who were in the hides at the time.

By early afternoon, the car park was overflowing (people having to park down the country lane) and families were enjoying the picnic areas. Then the black headed gulls decided today was a good day to dive bomb the ospreys’ nest …  while a canoe hove into sight heading straight into the exclusion area.

There followed a lively time of phone calls, including to the police, while the rangers intercepted the canoeists and, of all the moments, the coach bearing our large expected party of Americans arrived in the visitor centre.

As busy days go, this one worked out well with very happy visitors, healthy, safe ospreys and the imminent human disturbance being dealt with quickly.




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