Following the initial wave of excitement as we got the first clear view of our newest arrival, I can now share with you the details that preceded this wonderful sight.

Volunteers last night reported the female looking slightly restless but there was little in the way of the tell-tale egg hatching behaviour. However after 11pm the female looked unsettled and couldn’t seem to get comfortable sitting in the nest. When she stood up at 11.38pm the faintest glimpse of movement was seen and footage suggests this may well have been the first images of the new chick. Another brief definite movement was captured at 12.51am. Subsequently, both birds were incubating well, limiting the viewing opportunities until finally at 8.36am this morning our male stood up to show off his newest offspring.

Whilst both birds seemed a little surprised by their new addition, they appear to be coping well so far. The first real test of parenthood will be providing for and feeding the chick, so we will all be watching carefully for the first fish delivery and the chick’s first meal.


Perthshire Ranger.

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