Aberfeldy Area Salmon Fishing

Lets Fly Fish with Ally Gowans

Learn the art if fishing from the world-renowned Ally Gowans APGAI, AAPGAI & FFF Master & Two Handed Fly Casting Instructor, Gamefishing Consultant, Writer, Photographer.
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Loch Tay

Loch Tay stretches over 15 miles from Killin in the West to Kenmore in the East.
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Kenmore Beat - Upper Tay

Trout and Salmon fishing is available to visitors from the mouth of the River Tay at Kenmore for 2.5 miles, double bank.
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Bolfracks Estate - Upper Tay

Bolfracks Salmon fishing on the River Tay offers some of the most reasonable & accessible water in the Highland Perthshire
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