Dunkeld & Birnam Angling Association - Middle Tay

Dunkeld & Birnam Angling Association was founded over 50 years ago predominantly as a brown trout fishing association, it has access to Trout fishing on sections of the Rivers Tay, River Braan and also Balhomish Loch.  

Visitors to the area can fish the River Tay and River Braan, permits are available at £10.00 per day/£30.00 per week for adults, £2.50 per day/£7.50 per week for juniors, £5.00 per day/£15.00 per week for seniors.

River Tay
Right bank only from opposite Rotmell Burn to Inchewan Burn (excluding private area at Inver)
Left bank from Rotmell Burn to Dunkeld House grounds
Left bank from Dunkeld bridge to opposite Inchewan Burn

Murthly and Glendelvine Beats
Dunkeld & Birnam Angling Association also manage the Trout fishing on the Murthly Beat of the River Tay, from the Tronach Pool at Top Waters to Sparrowmuir at Lower Waters, with Stenton in the middle. Murthly is renowned for its lovely pools and visitors return year after year to enjoy the impressive banks of mature Douglas Fir, beech, oak and sycamore, and the views to the Dunkeld hills and along Strathmore. The Glendelvine beat is immediatately below Murthly and stretches downstream to the Baldarroch on both banks. There is no fishing on the Murthly and Glendelvine beat on Sundays.

Hermitage Beat
Left bank from Inver Mill Lade to Hermitage Bridge
Right bank from the Hermitage bridge down to the forestry march.

River Braan
Both banks from confluence with the river Tay upstream to the A9 road bridge

Strathbraan Beats
Both Banks from the top of falls to Trochry
Both banks from Trochry to the Girron Burn

Click here to see map of River Tay & Town Beat on DBAA website
Click here to see map of Hermitage & Strathbraan Beats on DBAA website

Permits are available at:
Rivers Tay Permits: Dunkeld Post Office, 12 Bridge Street, Dunkeld PH8 0AH t. 01350 727257 - small selection of fishing tackle for sale
Rivers Tay & River Braan Permits: Birnam Spar Shop,  3 Murthly Terrace, Birnam, Dunkeld, PH8 0BG t.01350 727395
Murthly & Glendelvine Permits: Nisa Shop, Perth Road, Murthly PH1 4HG t.01738 710061

Dunkeld Area

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