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Logierait Church and Churchyard

Logierait Church is believed to stand on ground once occupied by an early Christian mission founded by St. Cedd around 650 AD when travelling from Iona to Lindisfarne. While the present church building only dates back to 1904-5, the churchyard contains many items dating back to earlier times.

There are a number of beautiful decorated memorial stones including a Pictish Cross in the form of a sculpted stone. On one side there is a knot work-decorated Cross with 4 small circular raised bosses and on the other, what appear to be a horseman above (possibly trampling upon) a serpent-and-rod, with the horseman carrying a spear- his horse wearing an ornamented saddle and bridle.

There is also a stone walled enclosure containing the burial ground of the Stewarts of Ballechin, lineal descendants of Robert II who in later years, fought with ‘Bonnie Dundee’ (Graham of Claverhouse) at Killiecrankie in 1689 and at Culloden in 1746.

Additionally within the walled enclosure are 3 examples of iron mort safes, (2 x adult size and 1 x child) A ‘Mort Safe’ was a heavy cast iron coffin cover used circa. 1830 to prevent body snatchers from removing newly buried bodies to sell in Edinburgh for medical examination. The heavy iron frame was buried with the coffin, and then removed when the body had decayed enough to be of no value. Mort-safes could be used over again and again.


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