Cluny House Gardens

This 2.4ha Himalayan/North American woodland garden overlooking the scenic Strathtay valley, was planted and developed by the late Bobby and Betty Masterton from 1950. A feature of Cluny is its natural appearance, with many woodland plants regenerating and expanding freely beneath a canopy of rhododendrons, acers, rowans and birches. Giant Himalayan lilies, blue poppies, exotic arisaemas, skunk cabbages and copious numbers of candelabra primulas grow in profusion in the marvelous leaf litter and acidic soil. No chemicals are used in the garden and weeding is carried out by hand to avoid disturbing interesting seedlings and allowing some native plants their place in the garden.

The garden is a haven for birds such as Long-tailed Tits, Siskins, Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Blackbirds, Robins, Woodpeckers, Jackdaws, Starlings & Treecreepers.  Buzzards & Sparrowhawks Ravens can be seen overhead and visit the garden sometimes. an abundance of bumble bees is normal within the garden however this is weather dependant. Resident Red Squirrels are very much at home in the garden, actively feeding near the car park in the morning, they enjoy playing and running around the trees!

Cluny House
PH15 2JT


Phone: 01887 820795