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Limekiln in Pitlochry

An interesting garden feature in the garden of a private house in Tom-na-moan Road is an old Limekiln.  Probably dating from the 19th century when it was discovered that using lime on the acid Highland agricultural land increased the yield by as much as three fold. As a result of this discovery, Limekilns sprang up all over the Highlands, as local outcrops of lime were quarried and heated with coal and then slaked with water to convert the lime into a powder for application to the land.

The rocks of lime and coal were poured in at the top in the ratio 5 parts lime to one of coal. The burnt lime was drawn from the flues at the bottom of the kiln with long handled shovels and put on carts for transport back to the fields.

Please note this is a private garden and no access is possible.

Nearest Town: Pitlochry
Nearest Postcode: PH16 5HN

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