Drummond Hill

Approximate Length: 10km/6.2 miles
Approximate Height Gained: 450m
Nearest Town: Kenmore
Nearest Postcode: PH15 2HN

Amazing views - after a steep initial climb!

Any visit to Kenmore is worthwhile so this late winter trip was even better with a bike ride too! If you look at the profile then you'll see that this route has a steep climb in the first mile or two followed by a steady descent and a flat return along the River Tay to The Courtyard for coffee and cakes. The long,steep climb at the beginning really makes it unsuitable for children under the ages of 12 or 13. The long, fast downhill may also bring problems of bike control to very young children. Of course, these are general remarks and certain individual youngsters on either side of the line will perform differently. I have based the remark on the opinions of my thirteen year-old son and my wife, who rode it with me. Nevertheless, the views from Black Rock Point are worth the effort, as are the views onto Fortingall and Glen Lyon. Thanks to the Forestry Commission and Perth and Kinross Big Tree Country!

There's much potential within the route for opening it up and allowing more of the surrounding countryside to be seen. It is sometimes a little like cycling in a green canyon! Perhaps the Forestry Commission has plans for this? When you finish the descent and come out at the Peeler Gate entrance cross the road to the quarry entrance and turn immediately right onto the path running parallel to the road. This is safer than cycling along to the cottage and then joining the path. Although it isn't a busy road this just makes better sense.

The route doesn't take long to do and we just sauntered around it. Drummond Hill offers even more routes for the intrepid cyclist. Just follow your nose! Parking and bike parking facilities were excellent at The Courtyard. Delicious coffees, cakes and ice creams soon replaced those lost calories! You will not regret visiting Kenmore. It has something for everyone: prehistory, history, romance, fishing, cycling, walking, bird watching, good food and all of the attractions of beautiful Loch Tay.

Tips: Park at the Forestry Commission Car Park or, better still, at The Courtyard in Kenmore. When heading north out of Kenmore, Drummond Hill is signposted to your right from the north side of the bridge over the Tay, just after The Courtyard. From The Courtyard, turn right out and immediately right again. The cyclists and horse riders' path climbs into the forest soon after on your left, marked by a big stone. Alternatively, continue on until you come to the formal entrance and make your way up the slightly less steep fire road. The initial climb to the viewpoint and beyond is steep and long. On the descent, bear left at any turn offs to take you to the Peeler Gate entrance. A track goes off to your left down to a fishing bothy, bear right to remain on the riverside trail. I expect that the fallen Beech tree on the riverside trail will be cleared soon. Otherwise, it's not too difficult lifting the bikes over.

Story supplied by Mike in cahoots with Escape Route, Pitlochry!
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