Acharn to Aberfeldy

Approximate Length: 16km/10m
Approximate Height Gained: 300m
Nearest Town: Kenmore nr Aberfeldy
Nearest Postcode: PH15 2HS

Woodland gorges and waterfalls with heather moorland inbetween.

This walk links two wonderful woodland gorges, a pine wood and an expanse of heather moorland. Starting at the 18th century village of Acharn village, on the banks of Loch Tay, this linear route to Aberfeldy includes - the Falls of Acharn, the pinewood at Kenmore Hill, the high glassy path known as the Queen’s Drive, in memory of Queen Victoria’s visit to the area in the 19th century as well as the spectacular Falls of Moness in the beautiful Birks o’Aberfeldy, immortalised by Robert Burns in 1787.
The variety of trees on the route include pinewood, oak, ash and elm and the Moness gorge has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its botanical features.

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