Brerachan Meadows

Lonely Glen Brerachan rests between Pitlochry and the lush Highland Glen Strathardle.

The flat floor of the valley was a proglacial loch, melt-waters from a glacier in the Tummel and Garry valleys to the West was dammed by a rock and moraine barrier, in due course the loch overflowed and the melt-water stream became the present River Brerachan. From the car park on the main road you can spot some of the resident wildlife, especially Ptarmigan, but remember the quieter you are the more likely you are to see or hear something!

The Brerachan Meadows are a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) with Scottish Natural Heritage. The upland hay meadow is rich in plant species, we have listed below a small selection from the 500+ varieties found at Brerachan Meadows:
Acer pseudoplatanus - sycamore maple, Agrostis stolonifera - Creeping bentgrass, Alchemilla - wide selection of Lady's Mantle, Alnus glutinosa - European Alder, Alopecurus - selections of Foxtail grass, Anthriscus sylvestris - Wild Chervil, Brachypodium sylvaticum - False Brome, Callitriche - selection of Pond Water-Starwort, Campanula - Bellflower, Cardamine - Cutleaf Toothwort, Carex - wide selection of Cyperaceae, Cerastium - selection of Caryophyllaceae, Cirsium - wide selection of Thistles, Dactylorhiza - wide selection of Orchids, Epilobium - selection of Willowherb, Festuca - members of the Poaceae family, Geranium - wide selection, Hedera helix - Common Ivy, Hieracium - wide selection of Hawkweed, Hypericum - selection of St. Johnswort, Iris pseudacorus, Juncus - wode selection of Common Rush, Lamium purpureum - Purple Deadnettle, Lolium perenne - Perennial Ryegrass, Luzula - selection of Woodrush, Matricaria discoidea - Disc Mayweed, Mercurialis perennis - Dog's Mercury, Montia fontana - Montiaceae, Myosotis - varieties of Forget-Me-Not, Persicaria - Knotweed, Pilosella - Hawksweed, Poa - Bluegrass, Potamogeton - Pondweed, Primula - wide selection, Ranunculus - selection of Buttercups, Rosa - wide variety, Sagina - selection of Mosses, Trifolium - selection of Clover, Veronica - selection of Speedwell, Vicia - varieties of Vetch, Viola - wide variety

Glen Brerachan is rich in bird life such as Grey Heron, Curlew, Cuckoo, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Skylark, Sand Martin, Tree Pipet, Meadow Pipet, Whinchat, Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat, Spotted Flycatcher, Linnet & Red Bunting.  You are almost guaranteed to see a deer or two in the Glen!

If you visit Brerachan Meadows, please respect this fragile landscape.

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