Black Grouse Lekking

Black Grouse use communal display areas called 'leks' to attract a mate, the Blackcock (males) give a strange rhythmic call that is interspersed with a sneeze-like call to the Greyhens (females), along with some cool dance moves. The best time to see this amazing site is during April and May from dawn until 0800 hours on moorland edges.

The Blackcock (males) are unmistakable in breeding finery, shiny black plumage over most of the body contrasts with white under-tail feathers, bright red over the eyes add a final cosmetic touch. The Greyhens (females) wear camouflage gear with a mix of grey, brown and tawny feathers.

Drive along the Trinafour to Kinloch Rannoch road, stop near to Mullinavadie, park at the side of the road about a mile west of the turn off to Tummel Bridge, you will hopefully see the big 'lek' near to the road, usually on the left hand side. You will also get great views of Schiehallion from here too.

Special Notes: Please remember to be quiet, don't disturb birds by banging doors or sudden movements etc. This is a natural site to behold, respect it by going slowly and quietly.

Near Trinafour