Findynate Salmon Fishing - Upper Tay

The Findynate beat of the River Tay is situated 4 miles downstream of Aberfeldy, a very attractive stretch of double bank fly water set in secluded Strathtay, made up the Findynate and Cloichfoldich Beats. The two beats offer Salmon fishing at almost any height and are capable of producing fish throughout the season, many of them still with sea lice.

In medium and lower water levels the smaller pools and fast runs are a delight to fish with the fly. A sink tip or intermediate line is generally recommended in such conditions but a floating line can be used in summer. Ally Shrimp, Willie Gunn, Stoats Tail and Munro Killer are often successful in a variety of sizes.

In higher water the larger main pools can be fished with fly and spinner to good effect. A fully sinking line is best especially in colder water with larger tube flies. Spinning with Tobys, Flying C's and Devons of various weights and colours allow the larger pools to be fully covered.

The Findynate Beat is fished on a Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday for up to 3 Rods and the Cloichfoldich Beat will be fished on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday for up to 2 Rods. A new fishing hut is available and boats.

Permit Charges: 
15th January – 31st March, £20.00 per person
1st April – 30th June, £30.00 per person
1st July – 15th October, £25.00 per person
Ghillie Services available at £40.00 per day

Contact David Stirling to discuss daily or weekly lets for single rods or parties, half day lets, Wild Brown Trout fishing, and Ghillie services.

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