Highland Fling Bungee

The home of Bungee Jumping in Scotland

However you spell it; bungee jump, bunjee jump, bungy jump or bungi jump, it is the same thing and the most awesome adrenalin experience Scotland has to offer in the most iconic jump locations in the UK.

It is a personal challenge. A state-of-mind. An exploration of limits. A few seconds of heart-thumping bliss. An experiment with gravity. Great, exhilarating, safe fun. We offer 2 stunning locations, the Garry Bridge in Killicrankie, Perthshire and the Titan Crane in Clydebank, Glasgow. Highland Fling can offer other activites other than bungee - check out the website for full details.

Based in Killiecrankie, Perthshire. It's 130ft/40m of pure adrenalin and fun over water. The bungee jump is taking all brave and adventurous customers on an experience they will never forget.
Bookings are essential. Ample car parking is available at the Killiecrankie Visitor Centre. Spectators are welcome, come and enjoy this magnificent area!

C/o The National Trust for Scotland
Killiecrankie Visitor Centre
PH16 5LG


Phone: 0845 366 5844